Review: Finders Keepers (Book 2 Bill Hodges Trilogy)

5 Stars

By: Stephen King


Not realizing (probably because I wasn’t paying attention) that Finders Keepers was the second book in a trilogy, I read it first. Toward the end of the book, when a character from the first book was mentioned…the light bulb finally went off. HOWEVER, that did not stop me from enjoying every minute of this book.

At the risk of repeating myself, MASTERFULLY written.

Bill Hodges is a great character. He’s likable and real. He’s got flaws and he’s got issues. However, he’s also a wonderful hero when all is said and done.

Morris Bellamy…is a lunatic! A violent, obsessive, angry….LUNATIC. He’s so well written that each time he entered onto a page I had to stop myself from gasping out loud. He’s pure evil.

This story is amazing. One of King’s best works ever!

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"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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