I try to make it my routine to ask God’s opinion on ever decision. TRY… I don’t always succeed. Yet, He always leads me back to where I went wrong and let’s me try again. God is so good to me!

Ramble: Do you?

  It’s so hard NOT to lash out when others hurt us. In fact, it’s very human–almost second nature. However, as followers of Christ, it should be our instinct to turn the other cheek. I wonder, how many of us really do….? Do you?


People need to stop putting flyers on my car. I don’t want to see a band called “Parking Violation” at the “Courthouse”

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Mother’s Day–Not Just For Mothers…

     Every year about this time, lots of Memes, poems, stories and videos show up on FB all about mothers…which is, of course, appropriate, it’s Mother’s Day week. But, the truth is, I wouldn’t be a mother without my kids. SO, I wanted to say a little bit about my three children. I want to […]

Ramble: To My Child

To my child, I know. It hurts, this struggle you’re going through. I can feel your pain. You’re frightened and angry. You’re trying to hide the agony from all those around you but, you can’t hide it from yourself…or me. Your heart feels as if it’s being cinched with steel closing in tighter and tighter. […]

The Second Son

Luke 15:11-32   The Parable of the Lost Son If you’ve never read the Parable of the Lost Son (otherwise known as the Prodigal Son) I urge you to read about it today and then ask yourself this question: Am I the Prodigal? Or, am I the “second son” today? The second son–the “good” son, the […]