Rain Down Grace On Me

I’ve noticed lately that when I pray I tend to repeat the same few phrases over and over, in each of my prayers. For example, when speaking to God I tend to ask, “Lord, won’t you lead me down the paths you want me to go”.

Another favorite request is: “Lend me your strength and determination.” But the one catchphrase I seem to use, in my prayers, more than any other is this one: “Father, please rain down your Grace on me”.

Let’s look at what the word Grace actually means.

One definition of Grace, in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is:

The free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

I read on in the dictionary:

Simple elegance or refinement of movement.

 “She moved through the water with effortless grace”.

Synonyms: elegance, poise, gracefulness and finesse.

That certainly explains why I need to ask for God’s Grace. Physically I’m about as graceful as a drunken Flamingo.

Spiritually, in my walk with him—being an imperfect being—I find myself to be
anything but elegant or poised. I am in constant need of his unmerited favor.

Recently, while out shopping I found myself in line at the cash register behind a young woman whose appearance was a little out of my own personal comfort zone; she made me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

I’m just being honest.

She wore her hair in a bright, neon yellow buzz cut. She had piercings covering both ears—from top to bottom. She also had metal in her nose, her lip, her eyebrow and chin (ouch!). Her entire body (what was visible—which was a lot) was a canvas of tattoo ink. Her skirt BARELY covered her rear-end and her heels were so high the sole of her foot was as high as my knee! Well, almost…

I found myself judging her, I made the assumption that she was a “bad girl” and I wondered how horrible her childhood must have been to make her feel the need to “act out” in this manner.

I was mentally clucking my tongue and feeling sorry for her poor family as she was being served by the cashier. At the end of their transaction she said to the young lady behind the counter, “God bless! I hope you have a great day, sister!” The cashier responded in kind and as the practically bald, tattooed young lady walked away she called out to all of us, “God is so good, isn’t he? I know he’s been good to me!”

How small did I feel? So small I wanted to crawl into the nearest ant hole and pull the hole
in after me!

101How dare I assume that because someone doesn’t look like me they should be considered “bad” or “odd”! (Didn’t I JUST learn this lesson a few weeks ago?!! see May 5th’s post)

Who am I to set the standard? Why should there be a standard at all?

Each of us is beautiful to God—despite our outward appearance, despite our sinful natures and despite our own standardized morality. He doesn’t love us because we fit into a mold labeled “righteous”. He loves of for who we are—even though we’re impractical, impulsive, impatient and imperfect. Thank God!

Whoever you are faced with this week remember to accept them for who they are, not who
you think they are or who you think they should be. Each of us is a child of God–even those who may not recognize it or know it. He loves us all…let’s try to remember to love each other!

Lord, rain
down Grace on me today!

Jesus Loves Us Even Though We Are: Impractical, Impulsive, Impatient…Imperfect

About angieabk

"I'd like to think of myself as a blended mix of Southern charm and humor. What I really am is a hot mess of sin and sass. Jesus loves me either way."

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