Review: Behemoth


star 5Behemoth

by: Jonathan C. Leight


I am not your typical female when it comes to movies or books. I like monsters! I even like action and the fantastic! I got all three from Jonathan C. Leicht in his new novel, Behemoth. What a great read!

The story begins with Jim Thompson, chief game warden of the Masai Mara preserve in Africa. Something is killing his elephants! They’re being gored to death by an unknown assailant. Thompson’s first guess is a mad rhino. However, Impressions left in the mud around the death scenes, footprints much bigger and stranger than any rhino could have left, lead him in an entirely different direction. The hunt begins for what could be … a dinosaur!

At the same time, Professor Stephen Gregory, a Christian creation scientist is fired from his position at University because his beliefs are just too fantastic for the school to support. Gregory believes there are flaws in the theory of evolution. He believes only the hand of God could have created the world and its creatures as they were and as they are now. What really gets him into trouble is his belief there may still be dinosaurs roaming the earth today. Ousted from the University, he’s given a unique opportunity to prove his beliefs when he’s offered a fully funded research safari to hunt for his elusive dinosaurs.

The story is action packed, exciting and fun. I had a hard time putting it down at times. The best part of the book, for me, was how the author managed to mix religion anf fiction. God was honored and the Creationist theories were explained in great detail without being “preachy”. It fit right into the story line without weighing it down or making me feel I was in church (although there’s nothing wrong with being in church! LOL). It was very well done.

My only criticism of the book would be this: Sometimes, the dual story line Thompson/Gregory got a little confusing and felt forced at times. The truth is, it was very much the same story…with two different main characters and two different dinosaurs. I think the story and the reader would have been better served if the author had pared down his story to focus on either just Gregory or just Thompson. Both accounts would have been great on their own…but were a little muddy together.
However, I still very much enjoyed the book.

I received my copy of Behemoth from Booksneeze for the price of a review. I would have been happy to pay for the book. It’s worth it!

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