Review: Alia Tero: The Many Lives of Darren Datita

Alia Tero: The Many Lives of Darren Datita By: Lull Mengesha & Scott Spotson They say everyone has a doppelganger, a twin, a clone. Somewhere out there, there is, another you who looks JUST LIKE YOU but is living an entirely different life from yours. The basis of Alia Tero is this: EARTH HAS A […]

Review: Kachina

Kachina By: J. R. Rada David Purcell, a modern-day traveling salesman, finds himself in the middle of an ancient Hopi war between modern Hopis living on a reservation, the Sun Clan Hopis (good guys) and the Bow Clan Hopis (bad guys) who have been living underground in a secret cave system for centuries AND the […]

A REVIEW: Mice of the Round Table (A Tale of Camelot)

Mice of the Round Table #1: A Tail of Camelot by Julie Leung (Author), Lindsey Carr (Illustrator) (Late Elementary Age through Middle Years) When I was eleven, I read *Gone with The Wind* for the first time. I also read *Catcher in the Rye*, *To Kill a Mockingbird* and *Wuthering Heights* that same year. I’ve […]

Review: Pink (Episode 1)

Pink By: J. B. Cantwell Genre: Young Adult Pink is set in 2095 when most of the world is underwater and most people live in a state of constant fear, poverty and starvation. The only way out for young people like “pink” (Riley Taylor) is to join the service. If she survives the 3-year enlistment, […]

Review: What Lies Inside (A Vampire Paranormal Romance)

What Lies Inside (A Vampire Paranormal Romance) By: J. L. Meyers Genre: Young Adult Amelia and her twin, Dorian, have just turned 16. Like other kids their age, their lives are filled with teenaged angst. How could they ever know that things were just about to get worse! Imagine their surprise to discover that 16 […]

Review: The Town of Griswold

  The Town of Griswold By: Ron Ripley The Town of Griswold is a lovely, but deserted old New England town that retired marine Shane Ryan and his girlfriend Courtney stumble upon and decide to explore. Little do they know that the town isn’t quite as deserted as it seems. Abel Latham a serial killer […]

Review: Luminosity (Book 1)

Luminosity By: J.M. Bambenek Genre: Young Adult Dystopian This story centers around a teen girl, Aubrey Adams, living in the last days of the earth as they know it. Some cataclysmic future event is set to destroy the topography of earth and Aubrey, her family and friends are trying to survive the new world order […]

Review: Death Unmasked

Death Unmasked By: Rick Sulik Detective Sean Jamison, months—maybe weeks—away from retirement from the Houston Police Dept., suddenly realizes he’s lived before, perhaps many times. While he works toward solving what he hopes will be his last case in THIS life (a serial killer murdering women in Houston), he’s also looking for the love of […]